Market for a Bathroom Remodeling Company in Rowlett

Market for a Bathroom Remodeling Company in Rowlett

A Small Bathroom is Nothing to Fret About, You Can Still Have the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Many homeowners are interested in remodeling their bathrooms. As a homeowner, you might be in the market for a bathroom remodeling company in Rowlett. At Lee’s Tile and Bathroom Remodeling, we want you to know that if you’re looking to transform your bathroom then our bathroom remodeling company in Rowlett is just what you are looking for.

Some homeowners take issue with the size of their bathrooms. For many, having a small bathroom can be a source of stress. Our experts want you to know that having a small bathroom need not limit your options. With just a few adjustments, you can take your small, outdated bathroom and turn it into a modern, sleek space that feels bigger than it is.

Here’s A Few Helpful Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger:

Glass Doors
Whether your small bathroom features a full bath or a simple stall shower, you can use the enclosure you choose to your advantage. By choosing a glass casing for your full bath or shower stall, you open up the space by not cutting it off with a solid color or curtain. By using glass, the space feels larger than it is and brighter as well.

Lighting & Fixtures
Another sure fire way to open up a space and make it feel bigger than it really is, is to have the right lighting and the right light fixtures. When working in a small space such as a bathroom, you’ll want to find fixtures that are of smaller scale to fit nicely in your bathroom. For example, if you choose small sconces, their small size will make the small space feel bigger because they aren’t overwhelming the space.

Make Sure the Space is Cohesive
Finally, perhaps the most important part of your bathroom renovation is to ensure cohesiveness through-out the space. To get a cohesive look, you’ll make sure that everything you choose flows well together, from color pallets to materials and textures, down to the smaller intimate details. When you have a cohesive space, you’ll be making the most out of it and helping the space to feel larger. Remember than in a small space, you’ll always want to stick to and consider the scale of the items you choose to occupy space. Because you are working with limited space, you’ll want to choose carefully for the best outcome.

Lee’s Tile and Bathroom Remodeling
We do hope that this information will make your bathroom remodeling decisions a little easier and pleasant. If you’re ready to hire a bathroom remodeling company in Rowlett for your next bathroom project, give us a call to schedule an appointment. You don’t need to worry about planning every last detail. Our knowledgeable staff would love to work with you to develop and design a bathroom remodel that will transform your bathroom from old and drab to a creative use of the space with a bright and new feel.

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