Bathroom Tile Ideas for You Wylie

When it’s time to remodel or update your bathroom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the large variety of choices. Some clients have a hard time deciding on what tile to use in their bathroom because the bathroom is one of the few rooms that many people, including guests, will see when they visit your home. You may worry if the bathroom tile ideas Wylie you are choosing will still look modern and chic in a few years, whether it will continue to suit your taste, and whether it will look nice should you choose to update your paint color later. At Lee’s Tile in Wylie, we understand the choices can be daunting, that’s why we’ve rounded up 10 perfectly stunning choices for bathroom tiling in your home.

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiling comes in a vast array of colors, designs, and styles. Mosaic tiling is a popular bathroom tile ideas Wylie because it’s versatile and can be designed and installed to match many color schemes, décor themes, and personal preferences of the homeowner. You can choose mosaic tiling for a small space such as a back splash or a large space such as an accent wall.

Use Tile to Create a Focal Wall
There are many creative ways to use tile in your bathroom to create different effects. One visually pleasing bathroom tile ideas Wylie to use is to get creative and make a focal wall. By doing the floors and all but one of the walls in a neutral shade and design, you can choose one wall to have a bright color or intriguing design to become the focal wall. Like a piece of art, a focal wall brings attention to its’ beauty and can create any vibe you’re looking for with the right color or design.

Tile in More Than One Size & Color
One option that many people over look is choosing to tile the space using more than one size and color of tile. By choosing this bathroom tile ideas Wylie, you can create endless unique combinations to add to the style of your bathroom. For example, you can choose one color and size for the flooring, and choose something else for the walls, you can divide the wet and dry areas of the bathroom as well by opting for different sizes and colors for each designated space. The possibilities are limitless!

Try Different Shades of the Same Color
If you’ve noticed that water colors have made the appearance as a trendy style and want to get this look, you’re in luck. Creating a water color effect is quite simple by choosing a tile with several glazes in differing shades of the same color. By placing more than one shade of the same color, you’ll get a seamless look to add style to your bathroom.

Consider Having Your Tile Installed Vertically
Another option is pick a tile that you love and have it installed vertically. Doing so creates the illusion of height through the use of ceramic tiles. For further effect, you can opt to use tiles of differing colors to add depth and the illusion of texture.

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