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Using Toile
Many home owners feel disgruntled with a bathroom that has been built under an eave. At first sight, it can look daunting to find a way to decorate such a space without making it feel cramped and dark. With careful consideration, a bathroom under an eave can be designed to feel light and airy and even given your space a unique look that is quite desirable. One such way to achieve a light, airy look to open up your space is by using toile. By choosing toile with a pattern that adds an air of openness, you’ll get the desired effect.

River Rock

In our business of bathroom remodeling and design in Wylie, we often see home owners get stuck in the rut odd traditional bathroom designs Wylie and choices. We’re here to show you that you don’t always have to go the traditional route. One such less common choice to include in your bathroom design is river rock. Many people associate river rock with having a darker, rustic look, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. With the right color pallet and motif, using river rock in your bathroom design can create an air of modern luxury. You can choose larger or smaller stones, as well as choose all one color, multiple colors, or various shades of the color to suit your design needs and personal taste.

Mosaic Tiling

We know we’ve said it before but we’ll have to say it again here. Mosaic tiling can be an excellent choice for your bathroom design because it is so diverse. Often, homeowners just think of mosaic tiling as a collection of multicolored tiling, which can be beautiful. But we want you to know of the many other options that mosaic tiling can lend itself to. For example, you can use mosaic tiling to create trim or borders around an otherwise solidly color floor or wall. You can use mosaic tiling to create many appealing designs as well to match the theme of your bathroom designs Wylie. For an ocean theme, you might use mosaic tiling to design waves on a wall. To create an illusion of height, you might use mosaic tiling to design vertical stripes on the walls.  The possibilities for creating a design that will satisfy you are limitless.

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