Small Bathroom Ideas in Rowlett, TX

Small Bathroom Ideas Rowlett, TX

5 Small Bathroom Ideas Rowlett, TX

You can still have a grand-looking bathroom even with size limitations. If you want to feel less claustrophobic with your private space but expansion is physically (or financially) impossible, here are five small bathroom ideas Rowlett you can take into consideration. Rowlett has, after all, a humid subtropical climate, and staying in a relatively small bathroom space can sometimes be unbearable especially come summertime.

  1. Color does it all. The simple trick is keeping the walls, floor and bathroom fixtures in similar tones as much as possible. If your walls are dark-colored and the color of the floor is light, this creates a stark contrast that visually chops up space, making it appear even smaller.You may also try painting the walls and the ceiling with the same color, especially if the ceiling has an odd shape or angle. Painting with a monotone helps let the unusually shaped corners disappear by blending in with the background. This also gives your bathroom the appearance of vertical expansion. Blending the color of the wall and tiles also creates the illusion of more space.
  2. Try using clear glass door for your shower. Ditch the textured glass as it gives the impression of a confining wall in your already confined bathroom space. This is one of many small bathroom ideas Rowlett remodeling companies often recommend.
  3. Resort to bigger mirrors. A broad and ceiling-high mirror visually doubles bathroom space. Add to that adequate lighting installed right above it or hung right in front of it and the light’s reflection will literally make your bathroom look more massive than it actually is.
    Another tip is installing the mirror in a strategic location. Try placing it across the bathroom window and it will look like your bathroom has two windows, and thus appear less confining. And do avoid the conventional way of installing double mirrors above side-by-side sinks as these chop up the space, emphasizing its limited size.
  4. Natural light makes a small bathroom brighter, more welcoming and less gloomy. For privacy concerns, the conventional approach is covering the bathroom windows with dark shutters, giving the impression of being all walled up and confined. However, you’ll fare better and feel more comfortable in your small private space by resorting to a tone-on-tone stained glass for the window or a translucent shade over it. Both allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds: privacy and natural light.
  5. Another one of many interesting small bathroom ideas Rowlett remodeling contractors offer is recessing of shampoo shelves and cabinets into the walls. Protruding cabinets are not only an eyesore; they can also be impractical and space-consuming. Don’t allow these essential fixtures to eat up valuable space in your bathroom. Since they are indispensable in any bathroom and thus cannot be removed simply for the sake of space, burying them into the wall is the best and most practical idea. While doing this will require reframing of your walls in that particular area, the effort and money spent on this minor renovation will definitely be worth it!

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